The Road To Avalon

Teaser: A secret quest has led Arval from the deserts of Palestine into the forests of Britain and through a wilderness of pain. With the help of a heartbroken young girl and her cynical cousin he attempts to atone for his tortured past; but when obstacle after obstacle rises up against his mission, his resolve begins to crumble. Grace and guilt battle for his soul as he finds himself fighting for his life—and the futures of his dearest friends.

Vital Stats: Novel, in progress

Most Important People: Cerdic, Gethyn, Arval, Rhiannon, Marius, Anwen

Snippet: God is good.

I, Cerdic son of Cynan, do not write these words flippantly, using them as a polite phrase in the way of  children who do not understand. No. If I have learned anything in these four-and-twenty years of mine, I have learned that phrases such as these carry a good deal more meaning beneath the surface than one might suppose—a great deal too much meaning for comfort.

Comfort. There is another word we do not understand.

My body is comfortable here: legs tucked under me, back straight against the straight-backed chair, hands resting lightly on parchment and quill. From the round window above my oak-wood table mid-morning sunshine is streaming, illuminating my letters of ink and quietly glorifying the tip of my pen. Outside I can hear birds bickering with the sarcastic sweetness of lifelong friends, the faint bleating of lambs let out to pasture on the sun-washed slopes, the ringing laughter of a woman who can laugh now only because she once wept her soul into sickness. Footsteps sound in the corridor; brisk, purposeful steps with a place to be and a message to give, steps that exist, know why they exist, and are glad of their existence. Indeed, God is good.

I am going to tell how I came to discover this goodness: how it hurt, how it hindered, how it proved to be the greatest of all possible goodnesses in the end. “In the end”, I said, but there is no end. And the glory of it is that there will never be an end.