4.6.12 | By: Megan Langham

June's Snippets of Story

I think November is the only month to see me sticking with one project rather than trying to marshal a small army of them into rank. I can manage to focus on a single piece then, but when I try to accomplish the same feat at any other time I fail. So many projects, so many voices, so little self-control.

At least it makes for an interesting collection of snippets.

(Also. Here, if you're wondering, is where the idea of posting glimpses of one's writing progress each month originated. It's a delightful idea, and an even more delightful blog!)

diverse dewdrops

Dust settled around the book; dust of ages long gone and prayers long forgotten. Or, if not forgotten, left so far in the wake of passing years that memory grew vague and pallid, excepting only God's memory, which never waned.
—Volunteer Mission

"Ah, but a girl loves jewels." Rhiannon let the pearls slip through her fingers, a laughing light in her eyes. "And you needn't turn my words against me, Cerdic, for I am not a girl to you."
—The Road to Avalon

When Margery stepped through the door a strong gust of wind caught her by the waist and nearly lifted her from the ground. She gasped, one hand to her head, and like a subdued wild thing the wind faded into little more than a breeze. Beneath her feet the tall grass rippled in the wind's breath like a pale portrait of the turquoise-tossed ocean across the shore.
—Volunteer Mission

"I see now that I was right to hate this place," said Kathy dully. "But I wish I had been wrong." She gulped down the last of her tea and stood up, brushing off her skirt. "Come along, Merry. We've given far more than is gracious."
—Vale of Darkness

Selwin brushed his fingers across Glynnis's pale forehead, gently as if it were made of porcelain. “Evan fights for Wales; she is his mother and child and wife. And that is good, it is as it should be. But it is also the difference between us. When I enter the battlefield, dear heart, I do not see my country as the distant reward. I see only your face, loved and lovely, before my eyes.”
—Volunteer Mission

The world about me blurred and condensed into a small pinpoint of light, red like blood, like a spark of flame flickering between my aunt and the strange shaggy man with the voice of a wounded god.
—The Road to Avalon

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SarahJayne said...

hehe - well, I'm enjoying hearing the snippets of each story, even if you're bemoaning the inability to settle to just one. :) They all sound so intriguing, Megan! Have you submitted any stories/books to publishers at this point (since I'm so behind on what's been happening in your life!)?

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

Ok....that last Volunteer Mission snippet totally made me melt. :-P
And you always make me wonder where and how your snippets fit into your stories. I guess that's a good thing, because it means I want to read your stories. :-)

Now, let me also say I love the remodel! I'd say it's definitely you.
I'm also happier with the new font, because I can now tell the difference between e's a's and c's. :-P

I'm also completely jealous of your writing "problem". I have a similar but opposite problem. I usually only am able to work on one item at a time- So She Dances and The Not-So-Secret Hideaway happening at the same time is a rare occurance- but I don't seem able to work on any of my books more than a tiny bit right off until November! It gets rather frustrating.
As I mentioned in a recent post, I'm thinking about doing the August Camp NaNoWriMo session. Maybe you should think about doing it, too. Help you focus on one book, just like November. ;-)
If we both did do that, we could be in the same cabin! ;-D

Megan Langham said...

Thank you, Sarah! Except for a few non-fiction pieces, I haven't quite ventured into the publishing world yet. It's definitely on the horizon, though. :)

I'll have to consider Camp NaNo, Wrosie! I actually thought about it last year, but I was just too busy then. We'll have to see how this year's August turns out.

I'm glad you like the new look. It was born of necessity, because my original theme began giving me virus messages a few days ago. I'm still not sure why, but since it worked out well I won't worry about it. :)

(Pffft, Selwin. He's an adept at the whole melting-hearts thing.)

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

Yah, I'm only 80% sure I'm going to do it, myself. That other 20% could hold huge sway. We're helping my sister out with extra babysitting the whole summer, so that could knock those plans out of play. If I do do camp NaNo, though, I'm going to do Hideaway, and considering the age group it's for, I'll be satisfied with getting 30k....ecstatic if I hit the 50k mark.

How in the world does a layout give a virus????

Mime said...

I like that first snippet... it's like poetry the way you wrote it.

Visiting from the Link-Up,



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