30.4.12 | By: Megan Langham

Beautiful People - Clarissa Malvern

It's been a long time since either Beautiful People or Vale of Darkness... but here they are, both of them, back again! This time instead of focusing on Merry Malvern or Kathy Lewis, I chose to nudge Clarissa Malvern into the spotlight.

Clarissa is Merry's sister, younger than him by five years, and his only real family. The two of them share a flat in Newbury, Berkshire; they also share a bond of loyalty that most brothers and sisters would envy.

Never mind the constant teasing.

fearsome flower fairy

1. What is her favourite type of shoe? It all depends on the outfit she's wearing: most of the time she wears outfits that mesh well with tall boots or wedge sandals. Being just under five feet high and quite small-boned, she needs every additional inch she can muster.
2. Does she journal? When she was younger she started a journal, but after three (painfully vapid) entries, she abandoned it. Now she is inclined to think that for the best, rationalising that daily detailing her emotions is a waste of timeand besides, her brother is the writer in the family.
3. What’s her favourite animal? Clarissa is a cat lover, through and through. She even finds the hairless ones adorable.
4. What does her average day look like? A typical weekday for Clarissa involves an early waking at the hands of the Beatles (thank mercy for radio clocks), a nice breakfast of coffee and fruit, a quick shower and dash of makeup, and then a ride on the bus to her job at an antiques shop. After dinner and washing-up, she might relax by watching telly, chattering with Merry, or (if it's a Monday) choosing her wardrobe for the rest of the week.
5. Night owl or morning person? (Optional: What time does she usually wake up? Go to bed?) Like her brother, Clarissa is an early-to-bed early-to-rise sort of person. She generally falls asleep at around 10 PM and wakes promptly at 7:15 in the morning. Unlike her brother, she never remembers her dreams.
6. Does she have a sweet tooth? Indeed forsooth and verily. Anything sugary is a sure and certain trap for her, as long as it is also of reasonably high quality in other respects. For example, fatty and generic donuts generally fail to move her, but if you present her with a home-made fruit tart fresh from the oven, you will have earned her lifelong friendship.
7. What colours are her bedroom? Her bedroom walls are a light lavender grey with white trim; the curtains are a darker lilac with white polka dots.
8. Can she cook? She is quite skilled at both cooking and baking; moreover, she enjoys both. Merry likes to jokingly lament that she's spoiled him completely for the cooking of any other woman, even his future wife, whoever she may be.
9. What is her favourite household chore? See above. Apart from cooking, she doesn't mind washing up afterwards. The warm soapy water is sweet to her soul.
10. Favourite kind of tea? When she does drink tea (which is only about once a week) she likes a cup of Earl Grey with sugar and lemon. Coffee is her morning beverageshe can't have caffeine any time after noon, or she'll stay awake too late at night.

I have not been Clarissa’s brother for nineteen years without learning that she is most stubborn and implacable when she looks like a fawn-child lost in the wild wood. She is five years younger than I and thin like a water reed, delicately attractive like a flower fairy, but when once she decides on a matter then that is the end of it.

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Rachel Heffington said...

Awwww..Clarissa sounds like a darling, Megan. I am sure she and I would get along perfectly. And I like Merry, though I haven't heard much of him ever before. :) Thanks for doing this!

Jenny Freitag said...

Hurrah! I remember Clarrisa though I, too, have not seen her in a long time. What an odd memory one has... She seems very comfortable (despite being stubborn and implacable) which is a rather good thing for Merry, I suppose. Poor fellow needs comfort. Politely domestic without being intellectually stifled, winsome and self-sufficient is the image I get of Clarissa.

Keaghan said...

Oh, I think I'm already attached to Clarissa...You've done a wonderful job melding femininity, strength, delicacy, and beauty in her character. I hope we get to see more of her, her brother, and her story!


Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

Honestly, she sounds like she would be an awesome person to have as a roomie! Except for the tea thing... that could be a deal breaker. :-P (just kidding! I've had many coffee drinking roomies.) ;-)
More intriguing characters...you do too well, my dear.

Grace Pennington said...

*wants Clarissa's bedroom* O.O

Mime said...

Just about no one who has done this beautiful people has given their character cooking skills and interesting shoes (myself included) but you! Reading all these interviews, it's a pleasure to read someone nice and different! :) She sounds like a wonderful character!


SarahJayne said...

Hi Megan! I was so excited to find you on pinterest/blogger! :) How is life? The other day I ran into a lady named Michelle who used to walk at the track with mama, and it immediately made me think of your mom and you guys!
I really like {what I've seen of} your blog...I look forward to poking around more...

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