19.4.12 | By: Megan Langham

April's Snippets of Story

I'm afraid this has been rather a sparse writing month for me—at least of the share-able sort, anyway. Mostly I've been doing a good deal of journaling and premature planning. (If there's a cure for planning sequels before the first book is finished, please tell me! I am in dire need of such help.)

However, I do have some bits and snippets of writing to share. They may not make much sense to you, being completely out of context, but at least they will give you a glimpse into what my mind has been brewing over these past few weeks.


A step sounded; he looked up and there she stood, pale and poised, like a statue sculpted from ice. Her thin lips curved in a gracious smile, but her amber-brown eyes glinted cold.
—Volunteer Mission

"Ah," said Selwin. "Then you have noticed it. I was beginning to think I'd gone mad."
—Volunteer Mission

His love for Huw was like a maid’s fond feeling for a little petted animalnatural, easy, taken for granted; undergoing in cycles a long period of forgetfulness before a sudden surge of fierce, protective obsession, gone as soon as it had come and leaving no troubling traces behind. It was not altogether fair to say that Lord Iorweth used Huw as a servant, but it was certainly too kind to say that he loved him as a friend.
—Volunteer Mission

To Evan in that moment he looked like an imp out of Faerie, like a mocking young angel bathed in coloured light. The pictures startled him; he was not given to fanciful imaginings.
—Volunteer Mission

For a time I will give her that. For a short burst of blessing I will let her be happy. And then, when everything shatters around her, she will have the sweet taste of those times to remember, to roll tenderly about on her tongue, to visit again in her dreams at night.
—Moonlight Hill

His black hair fell untidily to his stooped shoulders, giving him the irresolute air of a Romantic poet. He was neither handsome nor young: his forehead lined with perpetual worry, his complexion so pale as to seem almost unhealthy, his speech halting and low. Only his eyes, a startling blue, were young in his face.
—Vale of Darkness

"I don't wear cardigans."
—Vale of Darkness

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Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

Thank you! You just reminded me to get my own posted! ;-)

And I love that last quote. :-D (Though, I do wear cardigans....I love wearing cardigans.)

Rachel Heffington said...

Ah! Love these, Megan. :)

Keaghan said...

I love these snippets...<3

As to planning sequels before the first book is finished...the minute you find a cure, please alert me. I tend to do that far too often. As in, I've already thought about the third and fourth books in a series before finishing the first or starting the second. :P

Megan Langham said...

Thank you, girls! Your comments are always so encouraging. ^_^

Cardigans are lovely. I wear them all the time, too -- but that was Kathy you heard talking, and she's apparently not the cardigan type. Who'd have thought.

It looks as if we're in the same leaky sea-vessel, Keaghan! I'm not sure what it is with the planning far too far ahead -- I suppose we could always blame it on the Judging part of our personalities, if we like. Personality types are so handy to blame things on.

Jenny Freitag said...

I have not had a very productive month either as regards writing, so you are not alone... But regardless, these snippets are excellent! It is not easy to see one's own writing improving, so as someone reading from the outside I'm taking it upon myself to inform you that I've had the pleasure of watching your skill with the pen improve (at a rapid rate) over the time that I've enjoyed your friendship. This latest installment shines with wit, a deftness with words, and an understanding of the soul. Your mix of ink is delicious.

Megan Langham said...

...and you are just sweet, Jenny! I wonder, did you know how badly I wanted your sort of encouragement? You always say the right thing and always just when I'm most in need of it. Thank you so so very much. ^.^

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