9.3.12 | By: Megan Langham

March's Snippets of Story

Eclectic. That's the word to best describe this last month for me—in terms of writing, at least. I did not accomplish quite as much as I'd hoped to, but all the same I'm rather content with what I did accomplish. Which is a good state of mind to be in, or so I have heard.

You are most likely acquainted with each of the stories from which these snippets originate (except for "Moonlight Hill", and I am afraid you never will be acquainted with that one). As to the reason for posting them, I direct you to this post and heartily encourage you to get in on the fun.

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Angharad nodded, catching her lip between her teeth as if she could let her feelings show that long, and no longer. The thought passed through Moridic’s mind that Evan was very like his mother; even their eyes were the same, and the way they moved impatiently when they were feeling a deep emotion that they did not wish to share. But Evan was easier to love, for all that. Perhaps that was because he was not a woman, and one expected women to be gentler, more sensitive, readier to weep or laugh. Strange, that was, when so many women were not like that at all, and when many men found it easier to lay bare their souls.
—Volunteer Mission

Pain stabbed through Rhys’s senses—the disordered pain of a forsaken memory. It was true, and he knew it to be true, and he wished beyond measure that he had not been reminded.
—Volunteer Mission

The brilliant leaves made a pleasant crunching sound beneath her feet, the pleasanter the harder she stepped. Perhaps if she were faster…she caught up the skirt of her dress with her free hand, tightly gripped her basket with the other, and began to run.
—Volunteer Mission

She was hiding bewilderment and pain behind a clumsy mask of careless callousness, that Rhys knew. He hurt for her, but he would not let her confusion sway him.
—Volunteer Mission

I had not wanted to burden him with my heartwrung cares, painfully unsuited to his merry youth, and so I had laughed, and brushed my tears away with my fingers, and reassured him that I was quite all right, long day, hard thoughts, no need for him to trouble himself on my account.
—Moonlight Hill

She was so pale as she stood there, pale but bright as if she had been star-touched. I wondered at the strange transcendent beauty in her face.
—Moonlight Hill

Light and warmth greeted them, mingled with the sounds of loud and earnest conversation. In every place there were little knots of men: some speaking in low voices over a table in the darkest corner, some laughing uproariously at the benches near the fire, some making merry with the serving girls. Two of them were attempting a duet, but one man's voice had gone hoarse and the other man had forgotten most of the words.
—Days of Entwining

“We love a man if even for one moment we see God shining from his eyes, and if it is God we see in all of his words and looks and deeds, then it is that we pronounce that man a saint.”
—Days of Entwining

“Look at him. He's been through hell."
“No, he's been through heaven—a much more harrowing experience, at this stage of his journey."
—Vale of Darkness

“All those nights," she whispered, eyes dark, “all those dreams, and still you are more of a mystery than love itself. And still, strangest of all, I do not love you."
—Vale of Darkness

Pale sunlight glanced off the cobblestones, glistening like marble with the residue of rain at nightfall. Beyond the lush-blossomed trees ahead the light intensified into a golden brightness, still subdued but with a feeling of irrepressible energy lurking among the leaves. Everywhere was the scent of lilacs, fair and faint yet somehow also smotheringly sensual. 
—Vale of Darkness

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Tarissa said...

Hi! I found your blog through Katie. You're a really good writer! I enjoyed reading through your snippets. My favorite was the 3rd one, about the leaves. Mmm!
~ Tarissa
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Megan Langham said...

Thank you, Tarissa! I'm very glad you enjoyed the post, and welcome to my blog. :) (Also, I see you're a fellow book-lover! That's fantastic.)

Megan S. said...

Hey Megan! Just wanted you to know you've been tagged! Enjoy and be blessed! http://faerytalesarereal.blogspot.com/2012/03/ive-been-tagged.html
Megan S.

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