29.3.12 | By: Megan Langham

A Game of Tags

So! There is a new questionnaire floating about in Blog Land. Having been tagged three times with it (by Megan, Joy, and Keaghan), I've settled down to complete it myself. Well, I say "complete" with some caveats: rather than filling out thirty-three questions plus eleven extra facts, I've chosen five questions from each blog and dispensed entirely with the facts. If you were looking forward to them, I am surprised and sorry. Perhaps I'll make another facts-post later.

Or maybe I won't. These look to be great fun, but rather difficult all the same because I'll be talking about myself, not my writing -- and yes, there is quite a difference between the two. I think it is the same for every writer.

megan’s questions

1. Do you have any pets? Our family has a tabby cat (Tabitha), a tortoiseshell cat (Angel), and a border collie (Briar). Angel is most especially mine: she is the gentlest cat in the world and the most affectionate. Tabitha is quirky and rather antisocial, but if you're kind to her she'll warm to you in time. Briar is a beautiful dog with soft black-and-white fur, lustrous brown eyes, and a temperament of rare unselfishness.
2. Do you have any unfulfilled dreams? Heaps, darling! Exempli gratia: I haven't travelled Europe yet, I've never seen Mumford & Sons live, and my little bookshop in the Cotswolds is still a castle in the air.
3. What is one of your pet peeves? It drives me absolute batty when people say "Well, it's all Hubert's affair. I could care less." Nobody seems to understand that if you can care less, it means that there is still the possibility that you might perhaps find a sliver of sympathy for Hubert in your cold hard heart. If you wish to appear indifferent, do so wholeheartedly. You couldn't care less about the other fellow's concerns. What you're trying to say is that it just isn't possible. You couldn't care less.
4. What is your favourite season and why? Autumn is my favourite season because it feels somehow akin to me, as if it were the time of year I ought to have been born. My inspiration is strongest then, when the air is bracing and the trees are all golden lights and fire-flames.
5. What time of day do you normally blog? Whenever the mood strikes me, which is generally late at night. Occasionally I have been known to write in the morning, but that is a rare phenomenon and not to be accepted as precedent.

joy’s questions

1.Which character in John Bunyan’s immortal classic, The Pilgrim’s Progress, do you identify with the most in their/your spiritual journey? I don't think I can identify completely with any of the heroes in this story. If I were to choose one of the three it would perhaps be Christian -- he stumbles the most, after all, and he is the slowest to believe in the beginning. But he reaches the Celestial City in the end, even if it is by a long and tricksy route.
2. In J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, we see that Sam’s and Frodo’s responses to Gollum/Smeagol are different. If you were in their place during the times they had the opportunity of killing Gollum, would you kill him and be rid of his trickery and wickedness, or would you feel pity him having carried the burden (the Ring) yourself, knowing its temptation, and show him mercy? I have stared at this question, taken it apart, hung it out to dry... and I am still not entirely sure of the answer. At the beginning I thought (and I still do tend to think this) that I would have pity on Gollum -- not because I am a good person, but because I possess an inconveniently enormous amount of empathy. I can't hold grudges, much as I might try to. I can't hate people, because no matter how angry they might have made me I can always see their side of the story. So there's that. But I am also extremely loyal to the people I love -- so there's that, too. I think that if I were in the situation described, Tolkien could gleefully have used up a good six chapters just in detailing the struggle between my loyalty and my empathy. It would most likely make for dull reading. But that would be his affair.
3. Which two books of the Bible do you tend to read from the most? From the Old Testament, Isaiah; from the New Testament, John. Lately I've been trying to read some of the more difficult books, and I've also been studying James. (I include him among the more difficult.)
4. Is there a figure in history (outside the Bible) that you love the most? And why? I have many historical heroes, but if I can only choose one then St. Augustine and Llywelyn ap Gruffydd shall have to battle for the position. I adore St. Augustine because his words are like familiar poetry to me, like the soothing balm of understanding that someone else has battled my foes before me and emerged all the stronger for the struggle. As for Llywelyn, Welsh prince -- he had me by the heart since first I heard his story. I could go on about his virtues for days (or perhaps in an entirely separate blog post).
5. What do you love most about the place where you live? Odd as it sounds, I think I love the weather the most. It's damp and grey and foggy and half the time it's deluging, but over time I've learned to embrace all that. These days I'm practically allergic to sun. Besides the weather, I am especially enamoured of the culture here. In the Northwest (particularly Portland) everyone is chic and unique and alternative. We shop at Powell's in slippers and cloches, for goodness' sake, with a vanilla latte in one hand and a murder mystery in the other. (But we seldom carry umbrellas. That's tourist's stuff.)

keaghan’s questions

1. If you belong to a so-called “fandom”, what is it? Actually, I belong to several fandoms. I am, in no particular order, a Whovian, a Sherlockian, a Merlinite, a Downtonian, a Lostie, and a Horatian. I also follow Once Upon a Time, but I don't think their fandom has a name yet.
2. If you have siblings, how many? Are you the eldest? Youngest? I am the eldest of seven siblings:  two brothers and then four sisters.
3. What’s a phrase or word you use often? "Brilliant!", "Oh, you're joking!", and "Thank God, the tea's done!" I live a very ironic and tea-filled lifestyle.
4. Would you rather be barefoot or wear shoes? Barefoot, without a doubt. My feet do not like shoes at all; I am convinced I was meant to be a hobbit.
5. If you could have one item of clothing from any book, television show, or movie, what would it be and what show/book/movie does it come from? This outfit from Charlotte Gray. All the adorations. Also, in a slightly less practical vein, I would like Eowyn's entire wardrobe.

my questions for you

1. What is the last full sentence you read?
2. What is your Myers-Briggs type? Do you think it is accurate/relevant?
3. Which of the seven dwarves from Snow White do you most identify with?
4. How would you (poetically) describe your eye colour?
5. What accent do you find the most attractive?
6. Which world cultures intrigue you the most?
7. What is your voice range?
8. Are you an emotional reader/viewer, or do books and television leave you generally unaffected?
9. How do you unwind at the end of the day?
10. Do you remember your dreams?
11. What is your favourite punctuation mark?

I am going to be that annoying person and tag any and all of my readers who wish to be tagged. Go forth ye and Make Posts!

7 missives:

Keaghan said...

Lovely. :)

And just because your questions are so fun and interesting, I'd like to answer them here.

1) The last sentence of this blog post. ^.^
2) ISFJ (Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging.) I think it's VERY accurate!
3) Hm...I'm not sure...
4) To quote Sarah from Sarah, Plain and Tall, they're rather like the sea after a storm--blue and gray and green.
5) Scottish, or a good English one. (Not Cockney!)
6) British cultures.
7) I'm rather uncertain of this one, too...
8) Oh, yes, emotional. Tears, broken heart...feeling the aftershock of a character's death for days on end...
9) A bit of web-surfing, some writing, and every once in a while, a movie, but that's rare.
10) Quite frequently, yes.
11) The ellipse...

Thanks for playing along and filling out questions, Megan. :)

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

I love your description of your area's culture. It sounds fun! One of these days I'll have to travel there myself and check it out. ;-)
Once Upon a Time...hmm... OUTers? I'm an OUTer, too! :-D
Eowyn wardrobe! *drools*

I decided I would be one of the people you tagged. ;-)
And I would love to see how you would answer my questions. Obviously you wouldn't have to create a whole new post...just answer in a comment or on FB or something....please?

Oh, did refollowing me work? Am I showing up on your dashboard again?

Megan Langham said...

Keaghan - Ooooh, thanks for answering my extra questions! I love what you came up with. ^.^ Scottish accents are TO DIE FOR, right? And I know that feeling of aftershock. It's rather difficult, being a feeling person. O.o

Wrosie - Yes, you must come and visit me! We'll go to Powell's together and have a blast. XD I can't wait to see what you answer. And sure, I'll answer your questions when I comment on your post. Should be fun!

(Refollowing did work, mostly - I can see your new posts now, except just a day or so after you post them.)

Joy said...

Thanks, Megan, for joining in the tag, it was really enjoyable to read your answers!

I've already done a whole tag, but I'm going to answer those questions you put up here, like Keaghan :)
1. "What is the last full sentence you read?"
2. I'm not sure I understand this question, sorry
3. I've never read Snow White so I don't know!
4. my eyes are a dark brown, like the colour of hazel nuts wrapped in a frown. Regular and plain, not like the sea-blue eyed maidens that the Ruthless have slain. But precious none-the-less, because they were created by my God, whom with my heart I bless. (sorry for this bit of nonsensical poetry!)
5. Oxford English (i.e. The Queen's accent for example). Then, Australian, then the north of America accent (definitely not the southern American drawl!)
6. eastern European, Mediteranian and Middle-eastern
7. an alto's voice range
8. I definitely am an emotional reader/viewer!! (i.e. when I watched the ending scene of the Return of the King for the first time, I was literally howling with sobs!!)
9. praying and reading my Bible a bit. I also enjoy listening to music/or audio Bible before sleeping :).
10. yes, especially if I dream close to the morning hours... they remain very vivid. I still remember some dreams of when I was a little girl. But most of my dreams are usually rather crazy and silly, or a little too dramatic and scary for my liking =D.
11. !!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm afraid I use it so much, I rather dislike it now... probably my favourite would be (. and ?)

This was fun!
God bless,
~Joy @ joy-live4jesus.blogspot.com

Grace Pennington said...

Now Merry, really. o.O You must have reached into my mind and pulled out that "I could care less" pet peeve, the love of Isaiah and St. Augustine, and numerous other tidbits. o.O How dare you?

Joy said...

Thank you for joining in the tag, Megan! I don't know... I believe I commented before on this post, but it didn't appear. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your answers so much!

In His love,
~Joy @ joy-live4jesus.blogspot.com

Megan Langham said...

Joy - I did get the e-mail containing your comment, but I think that Blogger must have deleted it from this post. Probably they thought it was too long; which is sad, because it was NOT too long. It was charming excessively, and I very much enjoyed reading your answers.

Grace - It's beginning to concern me, how similar we are! Somehow it is all your fault. I don't know how, but it is. ;P At any rate, I am glad the post entertained you!

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