1.2.12 | By: Megan Langham

February's Snippets of Story

I have a feeling that February is going to be an Inspired Month. Or, shall we rather say, I intend that February shall be an Inspired Month, whether it wants to or not; and what better way to make sure it wants to than to start it out by bringing together bits of my unfinished projects to taunt and tantalise me? (Hopefully they will tantalise you as well, but as for tauntingwell, that would hardly be fair, would it? It's not as if you can do anything about their unfinished state.)

Anyway, this idea is all due to Katie over at Whisperings of the Pen: a delightful little person with a delightful little blog, and I'd love to see each of my readers join in on this scheme of hers. I know you can all write well. But I like to keep being reminded.

without further ado

He was standing alone in the middle of a meadow which seemed to him extraordinarily familiar, though even dreaming he knew that he had never really stood there. All about him were mists and wraiths of fog, like clouds fallen from the sky. Evil danced about his feet, palpable and piercing. In the distance he could see a forest beginning: it was all beeches, beeches and elms as far as his vision took him. Behind him he heard the sound of the sea. 
— Days of Entwining

Margery hesitated. It was one matter to know that Will knew; quite another to form shadowy substance into words. Naked words, defenseless words, words that could be mocked and killed. 
— Volunteer Mission

Evan made another gesture of mild impatience. “Best let it lie for the time being. So long as I am competent enough to lead these men to our commander, I care little about my state of mind.”
— Volunteer Mission

“He’s a fool, and the worst is that he doesn’t know it yet, though I’ve tried to tell him tactfully. But I care about him, Rhys. God help me, I care, and I don’t want this to drive him to desperation. I wouldI want him safe, for Glynnis as much as for myself. Please, Rhys. He’ll hate you, he’ll hurt you, but for my sake and hers keep him safe.”
— Volunteer Mission

He would not have to marry her. It would not be necessary to reach so high. All he wanted to do was keep beside her forever, protecting her as he always had. She would be lost without him, he knew that. This man could not protect her. What had he ever done to prove himself worthy?
— Days of Entwining

Rowan continued tapping with his finger; then all at once he grew conscious of it, and made it dance a funny little jig.
— Days of Entwining

"What does a clinging vine do when the oak tree falls? It finds another tree to cling to."
— Volunteer Mission

And he knew then that he loved her, and he felt neither pain nor pity.
— Volunteer Mission

His eyes, too, shone with warmth like the sky in summer. Gently he lifted Mairead's hand to his lips and kissed it again; then he leaned toward her and pressed his lips to her forehead. She breathed him in, deep and pure. He smelled of meadow grass and wild roses and sand warmed by the sunlight.
— Days of Entwining

“That,” said Kathy solemnly, “is not much of a comfort.” She turned away then, whispering “Good night, Merry” without a second glance; but I had seen the dread of the night in her eyes as she spoke, and for the second time that day I had felt her pain.
— Vale of Darkness

“Are you?” Rhys said, unable to stop himself. “Are you sorry for it?”
— Volunteer Mission

5 missives:

Rachel Heffington said...

Ahhhh....such little pieces of soul for so early in the morning! :D

Jenny Freitag said...

I liked the piece about the words, words that can be mocked and killed. I know that feeling. I like them all, really. Pulling out excerpts that tantalize but also make a touch of sense is difficult, and you have managed it perfectly. They make me shiver, as if each story is the story of a bad dream and each end (I hope) is the end of the dream and waking.

Megan Langham said...

Rachel - Thank you! I hope they brightened your day. :D

Jenny - That particular bit resonates with me the most, too. I think it's because though my Margery is by no means a writer, that thought of hers was a very writerly thing to think. And I love, love that the excerpts made you feel the way you did. Coming from you, that's an incredible compliment. ^_^

Katie S. said...

Megan, I love your writing. You should know that already, but in case you don't--well, now you know.

He smelled of meadow grass and wild roses and sand warmed by the sunlight.

So beautiful and tender. I love that bit of description. It brought a smile full of warmth to my lips, and my day feels brighter for it. ^.^

Megan Langham said...

I'll admit, Katie, that I'm always pleasantly surprised when you compliment my description, because it always seems wanting to me -- especially when I compare it with the intense beauty of yours.

That's to say... your comment meant a lot to me, and thank you for it. You're a dear. ^_^

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