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Beautiful People - Evan Dynge

Yes, yes, I know. My last few Beautiful People posts have been focused on Volunteer Mission's more minor characters, and this particular character, though he does indeed belong to Volunteer Mission, is anything but minor. (Just don't tell him I said that, will you?) Anyway, I have taken this slight deviation from my former course because, in spite of the fact that I mention Evan a good deal in excerpts and such, I've never once given him a Post all to himself. The same for Selwin. And since they are the protagonists of this work-in-progress, I thought that rather unfair.

So, here you are: Evan Dynge (which means "the storm" in Anglo-Saxonthere's quite a story behind that, for he's Welsh as they come), six-and-twenty years of age, soldier and brother and friend.

1. If he could be played by any actor, who would it be? That's difficult, you see, as I have made a vivid image of him in my head which no other face can perfectly match. Rupert Evans (ha) comes the closest, I think. It's the eyes that do it.

2. Does he have a specific theme song? Not as such: at least, nothing that is both distinct and all-encompassing. Andrew Peterson's "You Came So Close" makes me think of him every time it comes on, as does "Darkness" by Blackmore's Night, though the lyrics don't quite fit.

3. What's his worst childhood memory? He has never said, and I don't expect he ever will. Where he is concerned, painful memories are meant to be buried and forgotten.

4. If he had a superpower, what would it be? Evan is a distinctly un-supernatural sort of person. If he were to be gifted with a special power, it would probably be an extension of his already considerable fighting prowess. Superhuman strength, or some such. Invulnerability.

5. If he crashed on an island with a bunch of other people, how would he help the group survive? Since he's an excellent knife-fighter and a good hand with a bow, doubtless he would find himself on the hunt-for-food-and-defend-the-group-from-outside-threats squad. In factunless he happened to crash with someone equally skilled and more charismatiche would most likely be the head of it.

6. Is he married? If not, does he someday wish to be? Evan is not married; for years he has hardly even given marriage a passing thought. All that changed, however, when he lost his strong-shielded heart to the beloved of his friend. Now he only harbours broken dreams of marriage, dreams without either bitterness or hope.

7. What is a cause he would die for? Every day he is prepared to lose his life fighting for his country's freedom: but this feels more like a duty than a sacrifice to him, and not a likely duty at that. For years his skill has kept him safehe sees no reason to doubt it now. This aside, he would die readily for Rhoyna (his sister); for Selwin (his friend like a brother); and also for his mother, though perhaps he does not know that. 

8. Would he rather die fighting, valiantly, or quietly at home? When Evan dies, it will not be quietly. Not if he can help it, that is (which, granted, most men can't). Though he's fond of his life, he would far rather fall young, in a blaze of glory, than wither away respectably with a priest at his bedside.

9. If someone walked up to him and told him he was the child of the prophecy, would he believe them? Evan does not set much store by prophecies, or indeed foretellings of any kind. I think he would assume the stranger was either mad or drunk or both and laugh him off.

10. Does he prefer the country or the city? The country, because it is his home and his familiar place. Towns (the closest thing he knows to cities) are all very well in their way, but he could not enjoy life surrounded by traders and pilgrims and traveling minstrels for very long.

Selwin laughed lightly at the remembrance of Evan’s face, of how dismayed it had been when he learned that his friend, not he, was to have all the dangerous delight. Most men would have been content to dabble in danger; a good many men would have shrunk from it altogether; but Evan was not that sort of man. Everything he did, he did to the utmost. Perhaps he would have violated some vital unwritten rule if ever he were to do something halfway, if ever he were not to finish a task with all the passion and brilliance that had been in his mind when the idea was first born. 

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Jenny Freitag said...

I think Tim and Evan can sympathize about the way to go out. Long ago Tim became convinced that he would not die quietly, that it would be something spectacular - like a burning car going off a cliff.

Evan strikes me as a difficult character to write, not unlike Aquila of The Lantern Bearers in some respects. I think if I were writing him I would approach him from another character's point of view simply because I could not quite dare to break into the quiet brooding sanctuary of his mind. But those sorts of characters, though you could not go into them, would somehow go into you, and they have more presence than other characters.

I wouldn't want to see him with superhuman strength. Imagine the number of swords he would go through... At least the swordsmith would be busy.

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

I have a suspicious feeling that if Evan and my character (Dominic) were in that same group on that island, war would break out between the two of them.
Evan sounds interesting- in a good way.

Megan Langham said...

Jenny - Evan is a difficult character to write, and I expect a difficult man to know. There are layers to him that even I haven't uncovered -- that I don't expect ever to uncover -- but I love him all the more for that. I love him at a distance, though I feel his joys and sorrows. It's a hard thing to explain, but I expect you know what I mean.

(Bahaha, yes. Superhuman strength would NOT end well.)

Wrosie - After reading your BP post, I am of a mind to agree with you. ;) Now I want an entire spinoff story in which different characters written by certain authors are shipwrecked together on an island in the South Pacific...

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

Haha! Sort of a BP- Lost edition or Survivor edition? ;-P Or a multi-author side story... That could be fun! Definitely entertaining.

Oh, I think I found something to fix the problems...see my BP comments for details. ;-)

Sky said...

A spinoff story would be amazing! I'll have to see if there's a way we could do that; it could potentially be really fun.

You girls crack me up, btw. There's just one problem: My character for this month, Ryan, may end up fighting with Evan and Dominic as well. :-/

I agree with Jenny - Evan seems so multi-layered. Don't you just love complex characters? That's the problem I'm running into with Ryan. :P

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