28.1.12 | By: Megan Langham

Beautiful People - Rhoyna verch Griffri

...and just like that, Beautiful People is back. I've missed it tremendously, though each round I have a time of it trying to decide who to tell you about. Before I did the special (and absurdly long) interview with Mairead, I was going through my more minor but still important characters from Volunteer Mission. So far I've covered Rhys, Glynnis, and Lord Iorweth: but there are still several other people who play understated yet immense roles in the plot of Evan's story, and one of them is his little sister.

Her name is Rhoyna Griffri's daughter, and she is fifteen years old.

1. If her house burned down and she was left with nothing but the clothes on her back, what would she do? Where would she go? She would break down for approximately ten minutes, after which she would pick herself up, dry her eyes, and find a friend to take her in. As she has managed to inspire friendship in nearly everyone she has ever met, this course would present few difficulties.

2. Is she happy with where she is in life, or would she like to move on? It is not in Rhoyna's nature to be sad often or for very long. The war with England tires her, but that is a circumstance beyond her control. Though she often thinks that she would prefer fighting alongside Evan to waiting uselessly at home, she won't allow that remembrance to dampen her spirit's sunshine. When she is not particularly missing her brother, she is content enough with her life.

3. Is she well-paid? She does no work to be paid for. Her family, however, sees to it that she does not want for anything.

4. Can she read? If put to it, she could pick out a poem with some difficulty. She's never been properly taught (not having seen a compelling reason to learn) but, being clever, she has learned a great deal from watching Evan when he reads.

5. What languages does she speak? Only Welsh. (That is, for the time being. Later on she may be forced to draw on the quick mind that she has for such things. Maybe.)

6. What is her biggest mistake? Nobody can know what that will be, but within the bounds of the story, her biggest mistake is one she hasn't made quite yet. And to tell you any more would be to spoil things.

7. What did she play with most as a child? Twig-made spears, other children, and theatrical fantasies.  The first is explained by her deep-seated admiration for her warrior-brother, the second by her near-constant desire for meaningful human contact, and the third by her intrinsic inclination to play and perform her way through life.

8. What are her thoughts on politics? She seldom considers politics as such: Moridic's way of explaining them is simultaneously simplistic and confusing, and somehow she does not care to discuss them with Evan. All she knows for certain is that she detests the wars for taking Evan and leaving her.

9. What is her expected lifetime? That is a very difficult question to answer, given the utterly unforeseeable nature of the future and all. Rhoyna, herself, lives her life as though she'll never die.

10. If she were falsely accused of murder, what would she do? How would she react? It is doubtful that such a shocking situation would ever arise, but if by any chance it did, she would turn utterly ruthless on her accusers. Any personal hurt would be swallowed up in her rage against the injustice of it all; she would waste no time in persuading everyone she knows (especially her betrothed and her brother) to defend her name.

Moridic nodded wordlessly and got up, still holding her hand. His promised one seemed so young to him in that moment, so tender and trembling and altogether more fragile than the child who had run into his arms only a few short hours ago. Her red-rimmed eyes shone bright, painfully bright in her pale face, but it was still the brightness of her eyes that reassured him. 
Sorrow or not, she was his Rhoyna; and he had never known her strength to waver.

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Jenny Freitag said...

Rhoyna sounds like a very sheltered but strong-willed girl. I can relate to those traits. She sounds like a good girl, perhaps more intuitive than logical, but a good girl, always there when you need her and always there when she needs you.

Keaghan said...

I agree totally with Jenny. Rhoyna is one of those characters that every other character loves, and so the reader does, too. I love female characters that have that vein of inner strength that they tap into during trials, instead of becoming a fainting victim.

Thanks you for sharing her with us.


Lilly said...

She sounds awesome. A good little sister character.

Rachel Heffington said...

Aw. :) I like Rhoyna, though she does seem the type to tease at her brother at every occasion! :D

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

She sounds quite interesting! I have to wonder- if she was actually somehow granted a way, even if round about, to join her brother in the war, would she actually fight? Or would she decide to stay within the pre-defined role of a woman within her time and culture?

I actully joined in this month. ;-)

Megan Langham said...

Jenny - You're spot-on, as always. How you manage to describe my characters far more skillfully than I can is a mystery to me. AND I LOVE IT SO DON'T EVER STOP. There. ^_^

Keaghan - Aw, you're quite welcome. I love that inner strength, too -- it's like a double-edged sword, equally potent for good or for evil in the hands of a woman.

Lilly - Thanks, my dear! I think the two of you would get on quite well if you met.

Rachel - It's because she loves her brother that she teases him so mercilessly. ;P Some people use tender words to love, and some people use kindly insults, and Rhoyna uses both.

Wrosie - That's a fascinating question. Within the confines of her culture she isn't a traditionalist, and there is really very little that she's afraid of. If she were all alone apart from Evan, with nobody to disappoint, I can see her tripping off to fight beside him. (Which would probably cause Evan more inconvenience than anything else, but who knows?)

Alyianna said...

She sounds like an awesome character! :)

If you would like to read mine, here it is: http://catholicteen15.blogspot.com/2012/01/beautiful-people-january-2012.html

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