5.10.11 | By: Megan Langham

Beautiful People - Lord Iorweth Pengrych

In my "Beautiful People" post late last month, I mentioned that Rhys had just narrowly passed Lord Iorweth in my choice for character-to-be-questioned. It was a very narrow win.

So here I am, putting Rhys's commander through Rhys's ordeal. I must say, the questions this go-round were even more eye-opening than they were before. There's just something about villains, I suppose--especially the oddly compelling ones.

1. Does he have any habits, annoying or otherwise? His usual conversation is heavily strewn with sarcasm, even at times when sarcasm is inappropriate. When he is hurt or surprised he smiles instead of letting his feelings show, though he can easily feign distress if that is what is needed to accomplish his purposes.

2. What is his backstory and how does it affect him now? His backstory is too intricately bound up with Volunteer Mission's plot to be revealed here. Suffice it to say that it was a tragic story, dark with pain, and that it has shaped his life in ways nobody could have foreseen.

3. How does he show love? By doing. If he truly loves someone, he will go to the ends of the earth to fulfill even their slightest wish. He isn't one for profuse reassurances of love, or even for tender words at all; he is at all times a man of action, in love as well as war.

4. How competitive is he? Extremely. By rights Lord Iorweth should have lost the need to prove himself a long time ago, but it is part of his nature that he will never let go of that restless ambition, that drive to do better than his best.

5. What does he think about when nothing else is going on? He tries not to think much about his own life, particularly his past. Generally his mind is focused on the task at hand--because whatever else may or not be happening, for him there is always a task at hand.

6. Does he have an accent? Nothing but a slight Northern Welsh lilt.

7. What is his station in life? As the second cousin of the Lord of Rhos, he is minor nobility. Due in part to this (but far more to his own abilities) he has become one of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd's most trusted commanders.

8. What do others expect from him? As a high-ranking officer in the confidence of Prince Llywelyn, a great deal is expected of Lord Iorweth. Countless people rely on his decisions every day; in no small way, the future of Wales depends on his discernment.

9. Where was he born, and when? He was born on the 18th of January, 1242, in Gwynedd, Wales.

10. How does he feel about people in general? People in general mildly interest him, but he doesn't care enough to involve himself in anyone's life beyond what is necessary for his work. Though he can be incomparably charming when he wishes, his interest is seldom sincere.

Lord Iorweth folded his hands and looked up at Evan. Even when he was sitting down and Evan was standing up he did not have to tilt his head back far to look straight into Evan’s eyes. 

“You disappoint me, Evan Dynge. I confess I should not have expected to hear such words as those from a man so recently promoted to a position of honor and confidence. If you wish to shirk your responsibilities and trade in your chance of glory for the hope of creature comforts, then I will not stop you. But it will have been the first time in many years that Lord Iorweth Pengrych made an ill choice.”

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Jenny Freitag said...

Lord Iorweth reminds me a little of Rupert de la Mare in that dark, shifting, scrupled kind of way. Rupert is more layered and contradictory among my 'serious' characters, and I am not trying to understand him, because people are just like that: layered and contradictory. Lord Iorweth seems like that to me. And his name sounds like the bark-snap of a dog as you say it, which is, of course, very cool. :)

Lilly said...

Ah well you know my feelings about lord iorweth, and I wish I could reconcile them him being one of your characters and all, but I'm afraid I can't. Least maybe I understand him more from this very brilliant post. Hope all is well with you!

Lilly said...

Oh and I forgot to say, I think he's a brilliant villain! All your characters are.

Keaghan said...

Ah, villains...What is that odd connection that writers share with them? :)

He seems like the perfect villain (if that makes any sense at all...) Dark, determined, active, and powerful. Good job!


Grace said...

Lord Iorweth scares me! O.O But I enjoyed this chance to get to know him better. Villains are so incredibly fascinating...

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