2.8.11 | By: Megan Langham

Day Two of Fifteen Days: Male Author

It's day two of Lerowen's challenge and here we are with:

Your favourite male author.

Megan has had a day full of challenges, and this is not the least of them. There have been many men-with-pens who have touched her life, so many that--yet again--to choose just one is virtually impossible.

There is C. S. Lewis, but to write about him would simply be to echo Jenny's post--and one can't have that.

There is G. K. Chesterton, but Anna has already expounded on him with exquisite skill.

There is J. R. R. Tolkien--but though he is significant and beautiful, he is not so close to Megan as to be her "favourite".

There is one, however, whose spirit is so delightfully like hers that she feels an affinity for him different from any other, and his name is George MacDonald.

From the first time she read At the Back of the North Wind she knew that here was a man with a truly beautiful soul, and all of her encounters with him since have only confirmed this truth. As a theologian he is not straight-on, perhaps, but it's undeniable that he has a right view of the world and a splendid view of heaven. His poetic phrases inspire her; his glimpses into another life fascinate her; his gentle humility charms her.

He is George MacDonald, and there is nobody else quite like him in all the world.

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Lèrowen said...

Again, wonderful post. I have not read anything by George ManDonald but I've heard how good his books are.

I'm so glad you've joined in. ☺


Jenny said...

The lightning and thunder
They go and they come:
But the stars and the stillness
Are always at home.

It's funny how the favourite authors of the Penslayers so accurately reflect their personalities - and how their favourite authors knew each other, as the Penslayers know each other.

I've read a decent amount of MacDonald, though not the bulk of his works: The Wise Woman and Other Stories, The Princess and the Goblin, the Princess and Curdie, (personal favourite) At the Back of the North Wind, Phantastes, and Sir Gibbie. I highly recommend any of those, Lerowen.

Megan L. said...

Isn't that the oddest and loveliest thing? I'll have to wonder about it later.

Oh, yes, every one of those books is thoroughly worth reading. I also very much enjoy MacDonald's Scottish stories, of which Sir Gibbie is the most well-known--but certainly not the only one. Everybody ought to read them at some point in their lives.

Lilly said...

I "LOVE" the princess and curdie, and at the back of the north wind, (though a bit less so) *hugs Meriwen!* You picked my favorite author!

Hope your doing well! Love you!

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