1.8.11 | By: Megan Langham

Day One of Fifteen Days: Favourites

So, it's a challenge. Me being me, I can't resist a challenge--especially one that involves doing what I should already be doing, which is posting more often. This one, hosted by Lerowen over at Eat...Sleep...Write, will have me posting every day for fifteen days. And this is the first day, and this is the name of it:

Your favourite character you have written.

As Megan gazes upon her pen-children, scattered here and there in clusters of varying sizes, her heart twists within her. How is she ever to choose one out of all this rag-tag array to call her favourite? There is so much here that she loves: Merry's gentle protectiveness, Rhiannon's wild emotion, Rhys's poetic purity, Mairead's sea-tossed beauty... even Lord Iorweth's wicked, tragic genius. But while she laments the impossibility, one person fills her eyes, eclipsing all the rest.


One year and three months ago he leapt laughing into her life like a golden god, fully alive from that first bright moment. He still puzzles her, to be honest; among all of her people, he is the most open-hearted and the most confusing. But he is a beautiful enigma, she knows that, and her feelings for him aren't quite like the understanding affection she's given all the others. It is not that she loves him more, nor that she loves them less; it is simply that he is a creature altogether different and removed.

She could tick off numerous adjectives to describe him--charming, stubborn, light-hearted, loyal, witty, compassionate, foolish, devout--but none of those come close to capturing his spirit. In the end, he is just a young Welsh soldier who lived and died six hundred years ago in his author's mind. He is a son, a friend, a brother. He has blue eyes.

He is her Selwin, and that is why she loves him.

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Lèrowen said...

I loved the way you wrote this post in third person. It made it so much fun for me to read. Your Selwin sounds like quite a fantastic guy!


Jenny said...

Of course. I knew it must be Selwin from the moment you told me you were taking up this challenge. It couldn't be anyone else. And I knew what you mean, how you feel. It isn't for any particular trait, any particular action, it is because he is mine, and mine to me. When all descriptions fall short of the mark, "he is mine to me" is all you can say.

Megan L. said...

Lerowen - Oh, thank you! Third person was actually more fun to write; it's nice to spice things up once in a while. ;)

Jenny - As always, you say just what I am feeling. He is mine because I love him, because “love makes the only my-ness”; and I love him because he is mine, and that is really the only reason love needs.

The so-simple-yet-mysterious life of a writer! I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Jenny said...

...not to mention writing in the third person makes it feel a little less like you're saying, "HEY EVERYBODY, I'M SELF-CENTRED AND BLOGGING ABOUT MYSELF." The third person makes it feel as though you are writing about someone else.

Yeah, I live in denial.

But I know what you mean about being a writer. I've been writing for years, since I was a wee thing, but I couldn't really explain to you what it is like. It's crazy. Sometimes it's infuriating. Sometimes it's so wonderful, I wonder how I can live with myself. :P There were four people working at once in the office today, and my mother-in-law remarked on how unusual it was for us to have that many people in all at once. I said we always had that many people in - often more - they're just all inside my head and don't actually do any productive labor. :P

All the same, I'm with you. I wouldn't want to "be" anything but a writer.

Anonymous said...

Awww, the sweetness and dearness. The sweetness and dearness of Megan and her Selwin. And Jenny and her adorable comments.

I can head off to bed unutterably happy now. You people. You people. Simply wonderful.

All your crazy characters included.

Sigh. ^.^

Megan L. said...

Have I ever mentioned how fond I am of our little group of Penslayers? We're so different and similar and startingly intuitive amongst ourselves. And I just love that. ^.^

Jenny. You are so very right. This, by the way, would explain why I have such trouble concentrating--I mean, there are so many people in my head all the time. How I am I supposed to focus on just one thing through the clamour of all those voices? (Really, it's a wonder we get anything accomplished at all. We ought to give ourselves more credit.)

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