9.8.11 | By: Megan Langham

Day Nine of Fifteen Days: Writing Projects

Welcome back! I'll just give you a quick reminder of what this is in case anyone's forgotten, as we're nearly at the two-thirds mark. Lerowen, author of Eat...Sleep...Write, is hosting a fifteen-day challenge in which the participants are asked to post on topics such as writing style, inspiration, and character development. This being the ninth day, our question is:

What is your current writing project?

...to which I reply, "Project, in the singular? Really? Darling, you'll have to be more specific than that..." but even as I'm protesting, I know the answer. There are two which spring to mind, actually: one on its way to ending (ha!) and one just beginning.

The first, of course, is my war-torn tale of darkness, death and revenge, otherwise known as Volunteer Mission. I've gone on about it often enough that I need only make brief mention of it here--just to say that my first draft is very nearly finished (rather behind schedule, but oh well) and that it really isn't as dismal as I've made it sound. Light, life, and mercy are also intrinsic to the plot. (Oh, and that chap Selwin who keeps popping up where he's least expected and most wanted? That's the story he belongs to.)

Next up is my projected NaNoWriMo novel, Days of Entwining. It is the story of a young girl's life on the island of Lindisfarne during the late 700s--yes, historical fiction again, even after all the scathing things I said last November. I'm particularly excited this go-round because my real-life historical personage is Cynewulf, sometime cleric at Lindisfarne and probable writer of The Dream of the Rood. All in all it promises to be an enchanting, if challenging, experience. I shall be updating my sidebar page for it as I get further along in my planning, so keep a close lookout.


3 missives:

Lèrowen said...

I love historical fiction. Both of your projects sound awesome!


Rachel and Sarah said...

Sounds fabulous! I can tell, simply from your posts, that you are a great writer! Do you ever post excerpts from your stories? *pretty, hopeful smile* ;) ~Rachel

Megan L. said...

Thanks so much, you two!

I have posted some story excerpts before; not much lately, but now I shall have to see what I can do! I'm very flattered by your interest. ;)

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