15.8.11 | By: Megan Langham

Day Fifteen of Fifteen Days: Music

I have been an indolent child.

I apologize.

Anyhow. Here I am, rushing in on this last day of the fifteen-day writer's challenge, ready to respond (as if nothing had happened) to the topic of today. Which is:

Your favourite song to write to.

The thing is, I don't have just one favourite piece of music that inspires me in every circumstance. Generally I make playlists for my current projects. As for those, if I ever were to share them, it would mean an entirely different post. So I think today I will give you some music albums that I've found to be inspiring and versatile, no matter what mood I'm in or what sort of scene I'm writing.

The Bard and the Warrior - Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning

Words can't describe this properly; it is the sort of music you have to hear to understand. Gentle enough to be unobtrusive yet rich enough to be emotionally interesting, it calms the spirit and stimulates the mind. 

Like tea. Yes, I think this album could be compared to a steaming cup of aromatic tea. Except that oftentimes it sounds like a river, laughing lightly to itself as it rushes over silt and stones; or like the breeze of an autumn evening, like the gentle warmth of spring grass on your face, like sunlight reflecting off the blade of a warrior's sword. 

Rock Symphonies - David Garrett

With the exception of "November Rain" and "80s Anthem", this music is much more invigorating than it is restful. Clever classical arrangements lend depth and profundity to pop and rock songs--marrying catchy melodies to an intellectual sound. 

I just love it.

There's something about these arrangements that never gets old. I must have listened to this album fifty times over last November, and in defiance of all expectation I'm still listening. I will always be listening.

Doctor Who Series 5 Soundtrack - Murray Gold

Does this one really need any explanation? While I love all of I've heard of Murray Gold's work, there's something special about this soundtrack in particular. Something gripping. Something enormous and enchanting and free. It, too, runs the gamut from idyllic to intense, offering a track for every mood. Even if you're not a fan of the series, I can promise you'll enjoy the music. With so much variety, there's a beautiful piece for everyone.

Also, it is common knowledge that over time, repeated listening to "I Am The Doctor" will gift any common mortal with intrepid courage, unconventional wisdom, and supernatural powers.

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Anonymous said...

I love Doctor Who; I'm going to have to listen to that song, now!
David Garrett's "Smooth Criminal" was the first song I ever heard by him; and it remains my favorite to this day.
~ Mirriam

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