24.8.11 | By: Megan Langham

Beautiful People - Glynnis verch Ithel

Well. I leave for four days and come back to -- to this! The nerve of you lot, throwing the maddest parties in the blogosphere, with your dancing and carousing and Beautiful People interviews and all...

...at least I'm not shamefully late.

For the entire duration of Beautiful People I have focused exclusively on Merry and Kathy, my two main characters from "Vale of Darkness". Also, for the entire duration of my blogging experience, I've written a good deal about Evan and Selwin, my two protagonists from Volunteer Mission.

But what of Volunteer Mission's slightly more minor characters? I'm willing to bet (or I would bet, if I were the gambling type) that you don't even know their names. And that's a shame, because some of them are really lovely.

So for this month's Beautiful People I give you Glynnis, close friend of Selwin and beloved of Evan. Here's your tea, and here's your cushion-chair, and I hope you're settled in comfortably.

1. What is her full name? Glynnis verch Ithel.

2. Does her name have a special meaning? Her first name, Glynnis, happens to mean "fair, pure, and holy". Pure she certainly is, though neither she nor I would go so far as to call her holy, and her skin is fair but her hair is not. As for "verch Ithel", that means simply "Ithel's daughter" in the Welsh.

3. What is her biggest accomplishment? For all of her eighteen years Glynnis has lived in the same little hut, with the same people and the same obligations: she has never had the chance to perform any sort of outstanding act. One day she will be the voice that recalls a man from certain death and the hand that saves him -- but that is not now. Now she is simply a friend and a sister, a helper and a giver.

4. What are her strongest childhood memories? Mostly she remembers scattered images of sunlit frolics with Rhys and Selwin, pickaback rides from her older brothers, and lying on her back in the meadow of an evening, seeing stories in the stars. Nothing exceptionally vivid springs to mind: her childhood was not more than usually traumatic or adventurous but rather simple and sweet and quietly happy.

5. What is her favourite food? Glynnis is fond of figs, cheese, and gingered bread. She also enjoys leeks-and-onions, but only in small portions.

6. Does she believe in love at first sight? She believes in attraction at first sight. Love, in her view, is not a thing to be determined in the space of one glance; it is gradual, unresisting, and forever. But then she has only once known romantic love.

7. What kind of home does she live in? Glynnis lives with her brother, his wife, and their two children in a thatched hut. It is a good deal larger than a peasant's home on an English manor would be; by our standards, however, it is not at all roomy. Also, since the cow and chickens live in the fenced back and often wander in, it's virtually impossible to keep the place clean and pleasant-smelling all of the time.

8. What does she like to wear? Ordinarily she wears a simple sleeved tunic: long, tastefully embroidered, and belted at the waist. Her favourite of her dresses is the light blue one, which she dyed herself with woad leaves.

9. What would she do if she discovered she was dying? I believe she would take some time to shed her tears, and then she would do her best to face up to the facts. She would live on as she had been, helping her family and saying her prayers, but her suppressed fear would grow greater with each passing day. Despite her devout heart and understanding, she dreads nothing more than death.

10. What kind of holidays or traditions does she celebrate? Along with the rest of her family she observes all of the regular feast days and the other Church holy days, such as Lent.

11. What do your other characters have to say about her? Selwin says she is refreshingly sensible and good-hearted with a wit to match his own (sweet lad, he bears no malice). Rhys says she is his closest friend, as dear as a sister and oftentimes as exasperating. Adam (Selwin's stepfather) says she comes off holier-than-thou but she's not sniveling or frivolous, he'll give her that. Llygad (her brother) says she is a quiet, useful sort of sister and a good friend to his wife, for which he's thankful. Evan says with simple candour that she is as lovely as the image of an angel, but also as withdrawn and unapproachably innocent.

12. If she could change one thing in her world, what would it be? More than anything at this time, she longs for peace between Wales and England -- not for political reasons, but because she detests the grief and carnage that the wars have brought about. Every day she prays for the men who have left their families for their leaders, and every day she fears for the lives of her friends.

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Rachel and Sarah said...

Aw, Megan! Glynnis seems just the sort of girl we all wish to be. She has the respect of all the right people, and the love of a good man. She is pure and lovely, and a strong woman. Well done, dear! ~Rachel

Jenny Freitag said...

I have my tea here, and my cushion - it's a sheepskin: does that count? So I think I am set.

I dare say Rachel said it best. Glynnis seems like one of those sorts of people that you never really notice until they are gone, because otherwise they are always there, doing their thing. You never realize their impact until suddenly they aren't there to make up the difference anymore.

I think if you shook Lizzy and Jane together, they might turn out like this.

Keaghan said...

Glynnis sounds so sweet and gentle, the kind of person you would want for a dear friend. Like Rachel and Jenny said, she seems to be the kind of girl we all want to be!

Thank you for introducing her to us. :)


Taylor Lynn said...

Glynnis sounds like a lovely character and a good friend! And I have to agree with her. Leeks and onions are both delicious. ;)

Wonderful character, Megan! Thanks for sharing!

Meghan said...

Sounds like a wonderful character! And I also loved getting to know you and current writing projects and their characters in this post! :)

Megan L. said...

Oh, you people are so sweet! I'm glad you like Glynnis. She's not quite as perfect as these particular questions make her out to be, but she is probably the loveliest person in Volunteer Mission--and though I don't think I could handle her well as a protagonist, she makes for an easy and refreshing minor character.

(By the way, Jenny, I've thought up a new DOOM for you. You have got to stop describing my characters more accurately than I am able to do. ;P Only don't stop, because I love it. Ta-ta.)

Ajnos said...

Hey. I just wanted to let you know that I gave your blog a special mention on mine. I didn't want to re-award the Liebster Award to people who had already been given it, so I made a separate post acknowledging blogs by my friends that had won the award previously. Here's a link:

Love Ajjie >'.'<

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