22.7.11 | By: Megan Langham

Beautiful People - Kathy Lewis

It's time for Beautiful People once again, and here I am back with Kathleen Lewis.

Just in case you don't remember Kathy (or you've never met her, which I suppose is a possibility): she is the heroine of my in-progress novella Vale of Darkness, told from the viewpoint of Merry Malvern. I have already interviewed her once, here: Beautiful People - Second Installment.

I'm not sure which of us enjoyed herself more during this interview, as she loves to talk, and I love to listen. At any rate, I hope you enjoy this the most.

1. What is her biggest secret? She's not about to reveal it as easily as that -- but she's willing to admit that it has to do with where she fell before she met Merry, what the Boy showed her in his eyes, and why she is so afraid of being left alone.

2. Has she ever been in love? No: she is not the sort of person to give her love easily, and she is not at all sentimental.

3. What is her comfort food? Oddly enough, no pastries. Kathy is more likely to turn to gravy-laden mashed potatoes or noodles smothered in cheese when she is upset: anything stodgy and warm.

4. Does she play a musical instrument? If so, what? When Kathy was seven she took a year of piano lessons, but never cared to take it further. She has a high, sweet singing voice which really ought to be trained.

5. What color are her eyes? Hair? Kathy has blue eyes and rich red hair. She is perhaps a little too vain of her hair.

6. Does she have any pets? Her family keeps a dog (a chocolate lab) which mostly belongs to her younger twin brothers.

7. Where is her favourite place to be? Outdoors, particularly in dense and wooded areas. Her wild spirit loves a forest; she can't abide four walls for long.

8. What are some of her dreams or goals? To travel -- anywhere, really, but Spain, Italy, and Egypt head her list. To attend the 2012 Summer Olympics in person (England is also on her list). To learn six languages, among them Japanese. And -- both last and least -- to watch all six Star Wars films in one day, just so she can say she's done it.

9. Does she enjoy sports? During high school she played on her school's volleyball team; she still plays informally, and because she is good at it she enjoys it. She can also hold her own during a game of tennis, soccer, or baseball, but she has never been formally involved in any of these sports.

10. What is her favourite flower or plant? Kathy likes vibrant, vivid flowers such as sunflowers and poppies. Any plant with red in it is sure to catch her eye.

Now that I've interviewed both Merry and Kathy twice, I'd like to move on to other characters. I'm having a bit of difficulty making up my mind, though -- so I'll let you, my readers, decide. Who would you like to see next in the spotlight?

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Abigail said...

Mashed potatoooooooes... Mashed potatoes are full of awesome tastiness.

I love the red hair and blue eyes - lovely combination - and the image you found for her is great. Also, one has to appreciate her great ambition: watching all six Star Wars movies in a day. Phew.

I wouldn't mind seeing a character interview for Arval next, myself. ^.^

Jenny said...

I haven't seen much of Kathy, just enough to get the feeling that, beneath the gingery surface, she's deep and hard to know. I could be totally conjuring these notions, but whatever. :P

The whole story is like that, really: a sort of bubbly, almost holiday-like image with an atmosphere of gravity and, in many cases, darkness. It's got layers. Like an onion.

Oo, you should do the Boy next. Mwa ha ha... Ahem. But only if that doesn't totally puncture your hot air balloon of plothood. Or, better yet, do this session of questions again for Merry, because it would force you to Post and Be Here and Scribble Stuff on your Blog.

Just let me get a hammer and some nails so I can pin your coattails to the chair here.

Jenna Blake Morris said...

Ooh...the answer to the first question makes me super curious. Nice answers to these! Kathy seems very realistic and interesting.

Katie said...

Oh, Kathy is awesome. Watching all six Star Wars films in one day -- ha! Sounds like my family. That's been a goal of ours for a few years now. :P

On a more serious note, I really must agree with Jenna. Kathy seems like a real person rather than a character out of a story. You've done a wonderful job crafting her.

Jenny said...

The very thought of watching all six Star Wars films in a single day fills my eyeballs with dread. I've only seen the original threesome (though, I did see "The Phantom Menace" in theatres, and couldn't understand much past an excessive show of explosions); even seeing the original three all at once would be enough to do my eyeballs in.

...imagine watching all of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings in a single day. O.o

Taylor Lynn said...

I have to agree with Abigail... potatoes are most definitely full of awesome tastiness! :D No wonder they're her comfort food.

And I'm curious about "what the Boy showed her in his eyes" now. LOL!

Megan L. said...

Abigail - Mashed potatoes are delightful; except I always have to add more salt to mine. >.< And I shall definitely consider interviewing Arval next time. I haven't talked to that man in too long. ;)

Jenny - I just love it when you describe my stories and my characters, because somehow you always hit the nail on the head. Though Kathy is rather frighteningly deep, the Boy is even deeper and harder to know. But I'll consider him, too. He'd be a challenge to interview, and challenges are good. ^.^ (On the subject of Star Wars: I can't see myself accomplishing such a feat, but then I'm not Kathy!)

Jenna - Thanks muchly for commenting! I'm glad Kathy's character seems rounded-out and realistic -- these questions have certainly helped me in that area.

Katie - I wish Kathy were a real person so you two could meet. You seem to share enough qualities with Merry that I think it would be a fascinating encounter. ;) (..and you'll have to let me know when you do watch all six Star Wars. I'll be interested to know how your eyeballs survive. :P)

Taylor - Hee, I like it when I get the Curious Reaction. I must say, I was quite pleased with myself when I thought out that particular subplot -- but you'll have to wait to find out more than that. ;)

Taylor Lynn said...

Awww... ;)

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