16.6.11 | By: Megan Langham

Four Oddments

1. I have found a song that makes me happy.
You know how there are good songs, and then there are great songs, and then there are songs that thrill you with an unusual surge of pleasure and longing even after repeated listening? These songs are rare and few; even in my extensive genre-spanning listening I have not come across very many. Just the other day, however, I happened upon one that earns the title of "sehnsucht". I am not sure why: the lyrics, though poetical, are nothing amazing, and the music is fairly simple. But then when was the feeling of sehnsucht ever fully explainable?

I can't pledge that you will feel the same way about this song, but here it is if you'd like to listen: Under A Violet Moon.

2. I may have lost my beloved sidekick.
Now for some not-so-good news. I am one of those people who treat their flash drives like their mind—they lose it, they're dead. And I lost mine. Or at any rate it's in a sort of coma and refuses to show up on my patient computer screen. Being so richly blessed with wisdom and foresight as I am, I neglected to make emergency copies of my Most Important Files.

I thought the drive would never die.

I am such a foolish child.

No luck yet recovering my files, but we're working on it. If my next few posts turn out to be nothing but dark Byronic mutterings and links to flute-driven laments, you'll know why.

3. I have decided on my 2011 NaNoWriMo project.

There is a page for it on the side if you would like to see a very sparse summary. So I can work on planning for this while I finish up my last NaNo novel—if I ever recover my flash drive files, that is. 

4. I have fallen in love with audiobooks. 
That is only natural, one might think, as I've been in love with books since before I can clearly remember. It has taken me longer, however, to fully appreciate books on tape (or on iPod, if we're going to be technical). I already had several classics in this form, including several books by Dickens; for Christmas I received a glorious set of The Lord of the Rings on audio, including The Hobbit; and just recently I downloaded Chesterton's The Club of Queer Trades from LibriVox. This may sound strange, but these books actually help me to sleep at night.

I was never able to concentrate on audiobooks during the day while multitasking (I'm not sure why, as music and I are just fine—in fact, I can hardly concentrate on anything without music) but at night, when I'm tossing and turning and trying to settle into some form of sleep-inducing comfort, audiobooks are gold. It is not that they're boring: actually, I think it's because the books are so interesting that I'm ready to fall asleep immediately afterwards. Listening helps me to release all of my nervous energy and quiet my mind.


There you are. I have had a stressful last week, and an exhilarating last week, and a thoroughly unpredictable last week.

"I've lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened."
Mark Twain

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Jenni said...

Awww, poor thumb drive! Good luck on your recovery!

(Could you email me? I'm having trouble contacting you _again_... :P We need to get this figured out.)

Jenny said...

For one horrible moment I thought my doppelganger was commenting.

I shredded a USB drive once. I put it in backwards and tore out the coppery filaments. And, in doing so, I lost all of what I had written of a story. Thankfully, it wasn't much, and " 'third time pays for all,' as my father used to say." But that's another story.

I don't know how many audiobooks of The Hobbit are out there. Is yours the same as ours? I can't remember the narrator's name...

I'm bracing for next week. I think I have things ironed out in as tidily a fashion as is humanly possible when playing the mind-game of grappling the future. And after my latest funky dream, I can relate to Twain's comment.

Oh my sainted trousers, the time - ! *scoots*

Keaghan said...

You poor thing. I would be SO upset if my flash drive(s) died. (Yes, I have more than one.)

See, I'm so paranoid about losing my book (I guess I have a reason to be, since it's over 100,000 words...) that I have it backed up in multiple places: my laptop, the family desktop, the external hard-drive hooked up to the desktop, and two flash drives. It'd take an apocalyptic calamity for me to lose all of my backups. ;)

I hope you can recover your files! :)


Ajnos said...

Ooh. I lost two flash drives in my first year at Uni. The first was about a week into my first semester. Clever Ajjie had attached the drive to her locker keys. Then she went and left the key in the lock. When she came back, the drive and keys had been stolen. For some inexplicable reason the thief had left the lock unlocked with the bag in the locker. Then again, who wants to steal an ancient Greek test book - even if it is worth R300.

The second time (also first semester) I left a flash drive it in one of the LAN computers, and when I came back it was gone. About a day later I got an email from a girl saying she'd found it. She returned it to me.

Okay, so my stories aren't so bad (and I was young with little to loose on them - though I still feel bad that there were personal details about the kids in our youth group on that first one). But this means yours may also have a happy ending. Since then I've been a religious backer-upper, tho' I have still managed to loose two essays for different reasons - stories for another time.

I pray you may recover yours quickly
Love Ajjie >'.'<

Megan L. said...

All You FolkPeeps - Thanks for your sympathy! Even though I know I'm not the only one who falls prey to the evils of malfunctioning flash drives, it's nice to hear specific details from Empathizing Friends. I'll be sure to let you all know if/when I do rescue my files.

And this calamitous... thing ... is probably going to turn me into a "religious backer-upper". So I can be smart and paranoid like Keaghan and Ajjie.

Jenni (not Jenny!) - Check your inbox. ;-) This ought to work, but if it doesn't, I'll call in outside help. (Good grief, I sound allergic to instructions. Like a guy.)

Jenny (not Jenni!) - Rob Inglis. That's who it is. I love his voice (or, rather voiceS, as he leaps back and forth between different characters effortlessly) and the way he sings the songs as they should be sung.

I wish you all the best during next week - you'll have such fun. Wish I could be there.

Jenny said...

I wish you could be here too.

Rob Inglis - that's the one we have. What fun! ^.^ I love his voice too, especially for Bilbo and Gandalf.

"You...you...you undersized...BURGLAR!"

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