18.6.11 | By: Megan Langham

Beautiful People - Merry Malvern

If by any chance you were wondering what the "Get To Know Your Characters" button on my sidebar was about: this is it. Sky and Georgianna Penn have just posted a new installment of character questions, which I have henceforth inflicted on Merry Malvern. Here are his answers for your enjoyment.

1. What kind of music does he/she like? When Merry does listen to music, which isn’t all that often, he likes soft alternative rock—something with original lyrics and a gentle beat. His sister has been trying to interest him in soundtracks, but film music distracts him too much.

2. Does he/she like to go outside? On days when the weather is pleasant Merry enjoys long walks; otherwise he prefers to stay in the house. Lately he’s been trying to like rain, since it is rather unavoidable where he lives, but so far he’s had no luck.

3. Is he/she naturally curious? He doesn’t go about poking his nose into anything that looks as if it could be of interest, so in that sense he isn’t curious. But when once he’s happened on a problem he can’t bear not knowing the solution to it. Unimportant questions keep him awake at night.

4. Right, or left handed? Merry is right-handed.

5. Favourite colour? Blue. Merry likes any shade of blue except for turquoise.

6. Where is he/she from? Newbury, Berkshire, England. He has lived there nearly all of his life.

7. Any enemies? Merry is not the sort of person to make enemies. All the same, over the course of his adventures he meets several people who hate him; in one case, at least, that is due to his protective nature.

8. What are his/her quirks? He wears either message T-shirts or sweater vests almost exclusively. He prefers his tea cold (but not iced) and steeped strong without sugar. He is very traditional, almost strict, in his observance of holidays, and he has never forgotten a birthday in his life.

9. What kinds of things get on his/her nerves? People with no sense of humour. People who don’t take him seriously. Orange pips. Alarm clocks. Rap music. Opera music. Heavy makeup. Pretentious foreign accents.

10. Is he/she independent, or needs others to help out? It is a rather inconvenient facet of Merry’s personality that he needs people: or, to be more specific, he needs people to protect. Without a friend depending on him he feels less strong and sure of himself.

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Marthe said...

My dearest Megan, I love you muchly, but I fear you’ve taken my brain again. (Or I’ve taken yours.) Not only do we post these questions almost at the same time; no, we also need to give our characters a love for blue! *shakes her head*

It’s a brilliant post, m’dear. I’m rather sure I’ve met Merry, but I enjoyed reading this about him. There is something humorous about him, but I’m not quite sure what it may be. I liked him though! I adored the humor you’ve included; the part of people with no humor made me laugh. Teddy just stared at me. Very entertaining, Megan! ^.^

Georgianna Penn said...

So, not only am I commenting because you did Beautiful People, which makes you awesome, but I noticed from your Goodreads widget in your sidebar that you've read Scarlet and gave it four out of five stars. Is that series not amazing? Tuck was my favorite.

Anyway, I loved your BP post, and I love Merry Malvern's name!

Megan L. said...

Marthe - This brain-sharing will be the death of us somehow, I swear it! We shall have to explain the blue by the fact that both of our characters are blond, with grey eyes (or is Ewan blue-eyed?) so that color suits them. :P I'm glad you liked the post. Merry is a quietly humorous person, I've noticed; though he's also sensitive, it's very hard to bring him to tears. But it's easy to make him laugh! ^.^

Georgianna - Huzzah for King Raven fans! Tuck is amazing, but I have to say that out of everyone Scarlet (the person) is my favourite. His narrating style is so much fun. Heh - Merry's full name is Charles Meredith Malvern, so I took pity on him by giving him a nicknaming sister. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm loving my monthly Beautiful People. ^.^

Taylor Lynn said...

That is really great, Megan! Merry sounds like a great character; it was good to get to know him a bit. Is your novel a fantasy, a modern fiction, a...?

Megan L. said...

Thanks, Taylor!

Hmm... VoD is rather hard to classify. I guess you could call it a fantasy set in the modern day -- it involves a dreamworld, like Pilgrim's Progress, but I wouldn't really label it a fantasy as such.

Glad you enjoyed it. ^.^

Taylor Lynn said...

Sounds interesting! Fantasy or fantasy-ish is always fun to read, though personally I can't seem to write it. :)

When you're published I'll have to look into getting your book! ;)

Keaghan said...

Merry sounds very interesting!I must agree with him on many of his dislikes--heavy makeup, rap music, and people with no sense of humor! :D

Thanks for introducing him to us!

Megan L. said...

Oh, yes, Merry is definitely interesting. I can't profess to share all of his dislikes, but I suppose I can see his reasons. (Generally.)

Thank you for reading! ^.^

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