16.2.11 | By: Megan Langham

Meet the Cast of ... da-dum ...

...Volunteer Mission.

Why yes, that happens to be the project uppermost in my mind right now. And no, this delightfully silly idea was not mine at the outset. I caught the bug from Jenny, who caught it from her friend, who caught it from another friend, and only goodness and Gandalf know where it started. This is not the entire cast, naturallyonly the ones I consider to have the most impact on the story, one way or another.

So, without any furthernope. I refuse to be cliche and hackneyed. In the absence of any additional what Shakespeare's characters made much of over nothing, I shall introduce you to the inhabitants of my world.

Evan se Dynge (Evan the Storm)

Evan is the main character of Volunteer Mission. Since the day he was old enough to be a soldier he has battled for the cause of Wales' freedom from England in any way he can. Moody and introspective, he falls easily into dark despair and self deprecation; at the story's beginning, he had intended to volunteer for a suicide mission as a way to go out in a blaze of glory. Though he is skilled and physical on the battlefield, he finds it difficult to voice even his clearest feelings and hopes. For this reason he appears cold and unfriendly to those who do not take the trouble to search his heart.

Selwin ap Tuder (Selwin son of Tuder)

Carefree and charming with a winning lack of reserve, Selwin is Evan's opposite in nearly everythingand his most devoted friend. It is for love of Evan that Selwin volunteers for the suicide mission, giving up all hope of life and love until the world to come. Though his reckless nature tends to get him into scrapes, his boyish good looks and frequent laughter ensure his popularity with Welsh and English alike.

Glynnis verch Ithel (Glynnis daughter of Ithel

Glynnis is like a sister to the Tuder brothers; since childhood there has been a tacit understanding between her and Selwin, which was rather drastically undermined on the day she met Evan. Though she tries to fight her attraction to him, deeming it a weakness, it will prove to be both the destroying and the saving of her. She is a gentle, sensible, nurturing woman with a strong faith and a selfless spirit. It is this, rather than her nondescript beauty, that endears her to so many.

Rhys ap Tuder (Rhys son of Tuder)

As different from his younger brother as Selwin is different from Evan, Rhys carries with him a sense of melancholy joy. Gentle and quiet, he is generally overshadowed by his more exuberant brother. He has been giftedor cursedwith a touch of second sight and a sensitive spirit. Pain in others wounds him, as their joy delights him; though he is young, he has seen more suffering than many men twice his age and in consequence is mature beyond his years.

Rhoyna verch Griffri (Rhoyna daughter of Griffri)

Rhoyna is the younger sister of Evan, betrothed to her father's friend. Beautiful and light-hearted, she flits like a butterfly on the surface of life, too young and thoughtless to let love touch her deeply. For all her levity, however, she is a loyal daughter and a warmhearted friend. Evan is dear to her above all othersshe is destined to find out just how dear, but for now she lives on laughter and takes her darling ones for granted.

Lord Iorweth se Pengrek (Lord Iorweth the Curly-Haired)

He is the commander of a significant portion of Wales' army. He is a trusted confidant of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd himself. He has not gotten where he is by being scrupulous or tenderhearted. Though Lord Iorweth cannot be said to love any man, it is Evan se Dynge who bears the brunt of his cruelty. Clever and charming, he lives for nothing more than glory and honorall in the name of patriotism, of course. And when he stumbles upon a secret he was not meant to discover, revenge becomes his driving passion.

[It has become customary to include here a private disclaimer, generally consisting of finger-waggling and death threats and such delightful stuff. So I shall follow tradition and declare that if anyone--ANYONE--even CONSIDERS stealing so much as a TIDBIT from these characters of mine, they will regret it for the rest of their lives, if indeed they live so long. Thank you! I love you. Every one of you. ^.^]

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Hudson said...

Aw, dang it! Now I have to go and read any of this you happen to have posted on the forum, and I don't have time! :-( I already really like those first two characters. :-P

Abigail said...

Hang on... Is the picture of Evan actually Marius, from Les Miserables?

I really need to dig up some more pictures and do a post like this. >.> Good job! I like Evan 'specially. ^.^

Jenny said...

I would say his jaw is wrong, but the look is right... Awsh, I dinno. Good work, Megan! I've been able to read only a little bit, but your descriptions of the characters and their interactions make this story seem even more tangled and convoluted than I had guessed.

Immina sneeze...

I try not to recognize people. I'm pretty good at that, being all Unobservant like I am. Hennyway, it was about time you posted this, and thanks for doing so.

...they will regret it for the rest of their lives, if indeed they live so long... Ha!

Megan L. said...

Thanks, mah peeps. ^.^ I'm glad you liked the pictures. Even though none of them fit the exact images in my head, they're close enough -- and they were a good deal of fun to find.

Ackcherly, Evan isn't Marius. ;-) Good guess, though, Abigail; the eyes are similar.

*realizes with dismay that the coffee is GONE!*

Anna said...

AAAGH! I just realized that Megan is reading 'The Cross He Bore,' which I just read last summer with our church's youth-peeps during the two weeks of outreach. I might have known...!

Anyway, I adore your characters. I should do this with my own, tho' that would be terribly le copycat! of me (which is better than being dittodoggish, but still...)

Aha! And /I/ know who Evan is! Evan is Evans! Rupert Evans, to be precise, unless my eyes Very Much Deceive me - also known as Frank Churchill from the latest adaptation Emma-Of-Awesomeness-and-Win (less known, but far more adorable, as brother Fred from 'North & South'...) *capers with glee and olives*

(AndRhysisClarkKentfromSmallville. o.O I have a hard time envisioning him in this sort of setting, but I think I like /this/ role than I liked his /other/ one, so...)

I am eager to read this story, too. Unfortunately, I just /know/ as soon as I set foot in the Original Works setting I shall drown, and I don't have time to drown. >.< So I tell myself I will catch up later, and never do. Haaaalp...

(The tea is gone, too. Piffle.)

Megan L. said...

You ... brain-sharer, you! :P It was a wonderful book, though. I showered it with delight on Goodreads.

Heh. As I said, Rupert /Evans/ was nothing less than Providence. By that time I was so bleary-eyed and weary of the world that I pounced upon the sad eyes and appropriate name. And I really wanted Cillian Murphy for Rhys, but non-Clark-Kent worked better. So there. :P

'Course, I could /send/ you the bits I posted on the forum. That might help /some/. If you wanted.



(It's an inbred characteristic of tea to be always gone.)

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